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SEASONS | Making an Epic 4K Wakeboard Film

Story by Jamie Graff

Spending over 15 years as a competitive wakeboarder, director Jamie Graff, has seen the development of wakeboarding from it’s infancy.  He has lived through the seasons of learning new tricks, traveling to contests, injuries, surgeries and the hope to have a boat of his own one day. These experiences are what incubated his passion for filmmaking and action sports storytelling and inspired him to create SEASONS wakeboard film.

Getting his first video camera for high school graduation from his mom allowed him to start shooting and shooting and shooting.  Much of these videos have never seen the light of day as his passion was always capturing beauty and not so much sitting long enough to edit something together.  Graff started Remedy Films in 2007 with a friend he grew up wakeboarding with and his passion finally came full circle with the release of his most recent film, SEASONS.

SEASONS Wake Film provides an introspective look at wakeboarding and wakesurfing as a culture and lifestyle, no matter what stage of life you find yourself.

The storytellers behind “A Single Day” and “Magic Hour”, OneWake and Singleton Marine Group in Association with Remedy Films, provide an innovative look into the seasons of a wakeboarding life with the OneWake Team and Malibu Boats Team riders in “SEASONS”.

Grab a frosty beverage, pull up a comfy chair and crank up the speakers

Shot entirely in 4k by Remedy Films, you don’t have to be a wakeboarder or wakesurfer to appreciate this film.

Directed By:

Access Adventurer, Jamie Graff (owner of Remedy Films)

Narrated By:

Corey Bradley

Presented By:

Singleton Marine
Remedy Films

Riders List

Adam Silcio

Austin Keen

Ben Watts

Bryan Magaldi

Callaway Ford

Corey Bradley

Gigi Meyer

Jamie Eichler

Jeff Langley

Jeremy Haley

Joel Schrader

Mark Roche

Missy Olivares

Morgan Crescent

Oli Derome

Pierce Bishop

Steel Lafferty

Vinny Knapp


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