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ACCESS Bahamas Relief

The track of Hurricane Matthew was all too elusive as it jockeyed slightly right while moving north past Palm Beach County. What was good for some meant devastation for others because just forty miles east of West Palm Beach, Bahamians experienced gusts up to 170 mph and their lives were threatened as tornadoes touched down and tore through towns.

Over the past 48 hours a team of ACCESS Community members and volunteers have mobilized direct impact relief efforts by way of air and land to the West End & San Andros. As the people await big-aid to reach some of these remote islands, we’ll take a focus on providing relief to the Bahamas during this period of desolation. With a small plane and community members capable of self sufficiency, ACCESS will be delivering food, water, and basic medical care to people in isolated regions of the Bahamas.

Make a Donation via our GoFundMe Campaign

Our Hard Costs include:

Fuel, Medical Supplies, Food, Water, Transportation

Your Donations will NOT be paying for:

Our Time, Our Equipment, Our Work

All resources and supplies can be dropped off at Startup Palm Beach located at 400 Hibiscus, Suite 200,West Palm Beach, FL, 33405, United States

Why Direct Aid Matters

Following the 2010 earthquake the Red Cross raised over 500 million dollars for Haiti, while Haiti received only approximately half of those funds. ACCESS founder Ben Horton was on the ground covering the recovery efforts for National Geographic, and observed these “aid” donations being sold for prices as high as $20 for a bag of rice.

With corruption and greed tainting major aid organizations, what options do we have if the goal really is to provide help to those in need? In Ben’s 2011 National Geographic News story on Haiti, he showed that grass roots organizations, and sometimes just individuals with the motivation and the means often spent over 80% of the aid dollars donated to them on direct aid.

Read “Haiti, One Year After the Earthquake” a National Geographic Story on Haiti by Victoria Wylie and Ben Horton

Devastation on the West End

Photos by Nicholas Mohnacky

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